the cyclique

SeeMeOn 29 gallery KvARTal Festival 2018 This is cycling club "Cyclique" was set up in August 2017, right before the first major challenge in the Carpathians. Since then there have been roughly 147,000 km on the road, carried out 97 group rides and published 209 posts on Instagram. The exhibition "The Cyclique | 146,938 km Later" is an artistic documentation of the contemporary Bulgarian photographer Mihail Novakov, who captures every moment on his way and the designers Ilian Iliev and Valko Slavov in 5 different trips with a profile of each route and general information about location, traveled distances and displacement. Mikhail Novakov is among the familiar names of the Bulgarian contemporary арт scene, who documents interesting people and details from the urban environment, which we would not otherwise notice. He has a number of participations in collective and several solo exhibitions. Ilian Iliev is an illustrator and graphic designer while photography is just a hobby. Valko Slavov is a graphic designer in the city’s monthly guide and part-time ninja. In the past three years he has devoted his free time to cycling, becoming the “good boy” of "Cyclique".